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Online Founder Talk with Dr. Simone Burel (Founder/CEO of LUB)

Online Founder Talk with Dr. Simone Burel (Founder/CEO of LUB)

This Founder Talk will be held via Zoom platform. In order to get the link for the event, please claim your free ticket via Eventbrite. You will automatically get the Zoom conference link!

„Language shapes the way we think and is our strongest tool of communication, yet it is completely underestimated within the economy." – Dr. Simone Burel, founder and CEO of LUB GmbH – Linguistische Unternehmensberatung, Mannheim.

MCEI is proud to welcome such an empowering and knowledgeable speaker at our next Founder Talk! Come for valuable insights on how linguistics can be used in business consulting.

About Dr. Simone Burel and LUB:

LUB GmbH – Linguistische Unternehmensberatung, the first linguistic consultancy on the German market, was founded in Mannheim by Dr. Simone Burel in 2015 on the basis of her dissertation about language in DAX-30 companies. In contrast to conventional consultancies, LUB equally analyses numbers, language and texts, because, contrary to popular belief, business data consist to 80% of words. On the basis of these data, LUB develops another way of thinking which leads to authentic working strategies and implementation measures.

Being a one-woman-company in the beginning, LUB has now evolved to a ten-person expert team. We counsel DAX-companies, cities and educational organizations when it comes to questions related to corporate social responsibility, sustainability, human resources, gender, AI, New Work, digitalization and communication.

Several prices have been awarded to Dr. Simone Burel and the work of LUB, e.g. the award for new business of the city of Mannheim (MEXI) in 2018, the academics Top-Ten-Newcomer-Scientist-award in 2017 and the prize for Job Communication awarded by the German Society of applied linguistics in 2017.

Furthermore, Dr. Simone Burel acts as a female mentor for several universities in Germany and the network corporate governance in Mannheim for supporting more women in executive boards. Since 2020 Dr. Simone Burel is member of the economic advisory council of bw-i (Baden-Württemberg International GmbH).

After the talk we will proceed with the networking and drinks!


When?           May 07, 2020 at 7:00pm

Where?          Zoom Platform

Link?           Claim your free ticket through Eventbrite and get the link sent to your email!

Complimentary refreshments will be served (up to a certain budget).
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See you on Tuesday, May 07!


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