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Inspiring Founder Talk with Lea Cramer (Amorelie)

Inspiring Founder Talk with Lea Cramer (Amorelie)

Last Thursday, Lea-Sophie Cramer, co-founder of Amorelie gave an inspiring presentation about the challenges and obstacles of an up-and-coming German Startup within the e-commerce industry. Over 90 interested partricipants gained first-hand advice from Lea and were keen on asking their personal questions to the successful female entrepreneur. Althoug Lea's presentation focused on the topic of Marketing of the high-class lovetoy brand Amorelie, students were eager to hear about Lea's experiences as a young founder and her personal background story.


Lea's presentation revealed Amorelie's 360 degree marketing model, which includes public relations, adverstising, point of sale and live communication. By focusing on these four areas, Amorelie has been able to become an aspiring Startup since its launch in Febuary 2013. Although not obvious from the very beginning, Lea and her team realized that Amorelie's main challenge is to find appropriate ways of communication to its target group within a rather controversial field of business. Since Amorelie is aiming at distinguishing themselves from competitors operating in this 'grubby' industry, the company is currently working on establishing a completely new market. This building process inevitably takes time in order to change customers' opinions and overcome biases, however, Amorelie is already employing 25 people. Its high-class products and brand are exclusively sold online in Germany and Austria at the moment and Lea's long-term objective is to successfully create a new high-class market for lovetoys and internationalize in the next years.

Since Lea completed her Bachelor's degree at the University of Mannheim, participants were very interested in her learnings from her time in Mannheim. To Lea's mind, it is not the individual subjects she heard at the University of Mannheim which help her run Amorelie, but the structured way of working and the ability to prioritize effectively. Her studies in Mannheim helped her develop these competences and she is able to use them in her daily work routine. 

Throughout the whole presentation, students were encouraged to ask their questions and were highly curious about Lea's life as a founder and Amorelie's current activities. At the subsequent get-together, Lea was able to provide even more insights and individual advice and the event was a great success. We warmly thank Lea for coming to Mannheim and giving such an inspiring presentation and wish Amorelie the best of luck for the future.

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