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Quandoo Founder Talk

Quandoo Founder Talk

Last week, Ertan Wittwer, Co-Founder & Managing Director Global Sales Quandoo GmbH held MCEI's latest edition of the Founder Talk and spontaneously stepped in for Philipp Magin and Sebastian Moser. Over 70 interested participants joined the talk and were especially keen to ask questions. Not only during the presentation but also at the following get-together, they wanted to get Ertan's insights on their individual topics of interest like sales & marketing, financing a cash-intensive venture and today's challenging business environment. Ertan was happy to answer all kinds of questions and help the students to come one step closer to launching a successful venture.

After Ertan's presentation, Jan, a former intern at Quandoo's office in Berlin talked about his insights into doing an internship at a Startup like Quandoo. He was impressed by the open working atmosphere and the level of responsibility, he as an intern received. For him, the internship at Quandoo was a unique experience since he was able to look into a wide variety of different departments. Jan highly recommends doing an internship in a Startup to everyone aiming at starting their own business in order to getting to know the different challenges and being well prepared. What especially helped him a lot was the high degree of autonomous working style at very high responsibility.

Quandoo is an online booking platform for restaurants, which allows users to book a table at a specific restaurant in advance and get special offers on the restaurant's menu. It is currently operating in DACH and some other European countries. For its customers - the restaurants - Quandoo offers different functionalities: The restaurants can either buy a rather basic version of the program and just offer their tables on the website, or they can choose to have access to a wide range of Quandoo's different services: For instance individualized merchandise management systems. The advantages restaurant gain from using Quandoo is the 24-hour availability to their customers, enhanced capacity management and eventually a higher degree of capacity utilization.

Quandoo is available via its website or as a mobile application, which allows easy usability and user friendliness. The Startup has already launched their services in many cities, while it is always aiming at rolling out their business in larger cities first and then winning over partners in smaller cities as well. Quandoo was jointly financed by the founders themselves and other investors. The investors include large corporations like Sixt and Holzbrink. Quandoo is currently undergoing another round of financing to support its rapid growth. At present, the company has 70 employees but is constantly expanding.

We thank Quandoo for supporting us with this event. If you are interested in partnering with MCEI or giving a talk, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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