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MCEI Founder Talk with Dr. Dennis Lips (essentry)

MCEI Founder Talk with Dr. Dennis Lips (essentry)

We are happy to welcome the guest of our upcoming Founder Talk: Dr. Dennis Lips. He was born in Berlin in 1987 and studied business administration (B.Sc. and M.Sc.) at the University of Mannheim and Tongji University (Shanghai, China). Dennis received his doctorate in business administration also from the University of Mannheim. In his dissertation, which was supervised by Prof. Dr. Michael Woywode, he analyzed the influence of social contexts on both the performance and entrepreneurial activity of individuals and teams. He used Big Data datasets from the Deutsche Fußball Bundesliga, Deere & Company, and Facebook as the basis for his analysis. In 2013, he was a visiting scholar at Stanford University's Graduate School of Business.

Since 2015, Dennis has been Founding Partner and Managing Director of Anyon Holding GmbH together with Rupprecht Rittweger. Anyon is an early-stage investor with a focus on Property Technology (in short "PropTech") startups. Anyon's portfolio includes, among others, Alasco GmbH and Thing Technologies GmbH.

Since 2020, Dennis has been Co-Founder and Managing Director of Essentry GmbH together with Rupprecht Rittweger, Christian Böhlke and Nikolai Vitzthum. Based in Berlin, essentry is a digital software startup that transfers physical identities into the digital world, verifies them and thereby enables a wide variety of use cases for its partners and customers. These include, for example, fully automated and highly secure access to critical infrastructure facilities. Among essentry's customers are NTT Global Data Centers EMEA, GETEC and Continental.

In 2023, Dennis accepted a call of TH Aschaffenburg for the professorship "Digital Business Models in the Real Estate Industry". His Founder Talk will focus on Essentry but will also include some backround to his story as a founder. We will follow up with a Q&A as well as networking where you will be able to meet Dennis in person.

We will see you on April 27 at 7pm at Agata Cafe!

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