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MCEI meets FireCamp with Morten Lund - Review

MCEI meets FireCamp with Morten Lund - Review

On 19 February we welcomed Morten Lund at the University of Mannheim. The event was embedded into this years FireCamp organized by up2b. Besides the 12 participating teams of the FireCamp 2018 the event was also open for students, founders and startup enthusiasts. Roughly 100 participants were able to get one of the limited tickets.

Morten Lund is a serial entrepreneur and Denmark´s most famous startup investor. In the last 20 years he founded and co-invested in over 200 high-tech startups, among these are Skype, Tradeshift, AirHelp, Hippocorn and many more.

Morten Lund started his presentation with a video of a comedian explaining how Americans always think that they are right. But exactly this stubbornness is useful for starting your company. The video also focuses on using what Mother Earth gave us. According to Morten Lund people nowadays have sometimes lost track of what is essential and tend to neglect the most obvious solution. He gave advice on what to focus on when making an investment or when founding an own company.

Environmental sustainability plays a big role for Morten when deciding in what to invest. He bundles sustainable ideas in the category WILD (Worldwide Investments in Live Development). When starting the initiative, he thought about the future of his children and what type of world he wants to leave them.

One of his latest projects fits this categorization very well. Poshtel provides pop-up luxury hostels across the world by using a container-based modular concept. The hostels can be set-up and dismantled very easily without leaving a negative impact on the environment. Poshtel hotels can be set up anywhere and can move from one location to another without leaving a deserted building behind. Due to his many affiliated startups he can make use of synergies. He solved some of the problems of the Poshtel project with solutions from other startups he invested in or co-founded.

He also talked about his professional career, from where he started, how he became so successful, how he failed at some point and how he got back up on his feet afterwards. Like many serial entrepreneurs he did not only experience success but also failure at some point. Nevertheless, he never stopped and kept on moving forward.

We want to thank Morten Lund for his honest and direct insights and for sharing this amazing experience with us! Also, we would like to thank our friends from up2b for hosting this event with us at the University of Mannheim! After the Q&A session, the evening ended around Pizza and Drinks with a networking session.

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