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Startup Lounge #83 - Pitch Battle Fall 2020

Startup Lounge #83 - Pitch Battle Fall 2020

As per tradition, the last Startup Lounge of the year features the best pitches of the courses.

Students from our accelerator course MAN 631 Creativity and Entrepreneurship and from MAN 633 Entrepreneurial Spirit have worked all semester on their projects. They have learned new tools, bettered their skills, and acquired a strong foundation of knowledge and experience - now they will be put to a test. The teams will pitch in front of an expert jury. All teams are invited to the last Startup Lounge on December 8, 2020, where the winners of each course will be announced and they pitch their winning presentations again for you!

The event is open to public, so bring your friends!

When: December 8, 2020 | 7:30pm - 10:30pm

Where: online, on ZOOM

After the event we invite you to celebrate and network!


Meet our teams this semester:


MAN 631- Creativity and Entrepreneurship




The Start-up Farmwan focuses on Taiwan agriculture business. We are revolutionizing the way small farmers connect to local food lovers such as restaurants and value-added shops by matching them with our platform. Cutting supply chains short and establishing a loyal network between suppliers and demanders, we ensure more income for small farmers.




We bundle selected goods of a region into a high-quality gift box, which corporations of that region can gift to their business partners, employees, and clients. We provide corporations with the full service by keeping track of the tax & compliance regulations, branding the box to their corporate design, and taking care of the whole fulfilment process.


Team 3 Juniors Seniors klein


We want to develop an interactive app, which works similar to Scavenger Hunt. Our app will increase the customer numbers of our partners while bringing the local culture to our users by guiding through the different stations such as sightseeing spots, hidden places and local stores.


Team 4 Logo Ramen Robot klein


We are a social matching platform with a focus on creating a sport network within Germany that allows people to easily find new sport partners for their sport activity within their own region. Our app-based platform is founded on the freemium business model, with many additional features present for those members that buy our premium version of the app.


Team 1 Logo VinBI klein


VirtuAll is a people-driven knowledge base. We think, knowledge should rather be shared and taught by peers and not be written down. We connect people within companies to make their knowledge accessible and structured for their colleagues. VirtuAll determines who is the right expert within your company for your request.


MAN 633 - Entrepreneurial Spirit

Buero Abstract


Buero Abstract offers an easy way of doing agile media creation. We bring virtual environments to the real world by combining technology from the film- and the gaming-industry. This allows filmmakers, photographers and other content creators to leverage the power of digital effects for their own projects, which gives them more creative freedom and makes their work more efficient.




Nuttrizzle is introducing itself as a working solution to Childhood obesity, which is one of the most serious public health challenges of the 21st century (WHO). Nutrizzle is proud to announce that it is the only solution in the market that helps parents make nutritious choices and daily exercises for their kids as much appealing as possible through an interactive game which unlocks the stages based on the kids’ behavior in following the healthy instructions.




YoungMinds provides short-term programs that teaches kids how to code through fun activities. Kids between the ages of 7 and 17 can join this program and will get an introduction to different topics, for example robotics, web development, mobile application, game development, virtual reality and artificial intelligence. Kids will form teams, work together and compete with other teams. Each kid will have the chance to go deeper in his/her favourite topic. This program will be implemented in different locations and will last round two weeks during school’s vacation times.




Our slogan is "Connect locally" and we are dealing with the question of how cities and communities can be made smarter in terms of communication and networking in order to generate added value for people in their daily lives and at the same time support local businesses. Placeview is a digital platform where you can get local information and news to see what's going on and what's available in a city or surrounding area. Local businesses have the opportunity to reach people in their area easily and effectively and to promote themselves. In the beginning we focus on gastronomic businesses, but in the long run we also want to include news and offers from other companies, service providers, events and much more.




Stakez has the vision to help gamers turn their hobby into a profession. Not every gamer has the courage to stream all day or use Instagram to build and leverage his audience to monetize their hobby. But how can you help gamers without an audience to monetize their skills? With stakez we are providing an infrastructure for gamers to play against each other for money in a controlled environment, connect with people and delivering a great user experience that gamers love.

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