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Fall 2018 Startup Lounge Season - A Snapshot

Fall 2018 Startup Lounge Season - A Snapshot Ye Fung Tchen

Same place (Café L3), same time (starting 19:30), and always new (early stage) startup pitches with lots of learnings and feedback opportunities! We have enjoyed 4 highly inspiring Startup Lounges this fall and there are 3 more to come. Time to share some inights and pictures with you!

Kicking off the new Startup Lounge season in Startup Lounge #53 with Covexo pitching in a co-feature with Getsafe was quite a blast. Our opening attracted about 150 guests (as far as we can see, a new Startup Lounge all time record). The Café L3 was so packed with guests that we moved to the adjacent beer garden outside. "covexo shifts the development of software from the local computer to the cloud. By providing an innovative synchronization technology, users of a covexo DevSpace can develop with their local desktop tools and still get all the benefits of the cloud, such as more computing resources and no installations and config issues on the local laptop. The locally written code is therefore transferred to the cloud in real-time, making a hot reload of the developed application in the cloud possible." We thank Lukas Gentele, Fabian Kramm and Daniel Thiry of  covexo for their great tech pitch and Getsafe for supporting this Startup Lounge. 

In Startup Lounge #54 (co-feature with Leafsystems), TreyTech presented their Startup. "Treye Tech is an IT startup company that develops user-oriented solutions for hand-free speechless interaction. Thereby, we are focused on enabling the use of smart devices, including ordinary tablets and smartphone, based on gaze or face gestures. Our main goal is to facilitate accessibility and enhance the convenience of using smart technology." We thank Anton Wachner and Kiril Kotev of Treye Tech for their fantastic pitch and Leafsystems for supporting us with the drinks. 

In Startup Lounge #55  Niklas Schäfer presented laptop lockWare. "Laptop lockWare is a theft-protection software specifically designed for the library, office or a public workstation. The application does not require any additional hardware, as after activation laptop lockWare continuously monitors your power cable connection, hence nobody can remove your laptop from the workspace without triggering various customizable alarms and notifications." We thank Niklas for the inspiring pitch. 

In Startup Lounge #56 (co-feature with Startup Mannheim) Albert Haag presented PMH.  "PMH is radically simplifying Mass Customization by empowering the use of large tables. While the number of product variants increases exponentially with the offered choices, the underlying product complexity does not. PMH can handle the combinatorial explosion in the number of variants, so that a product model can be expressed and processed mainly as tables." The Startup Lounge has been co-hosted by our partner Startup Mannheim that provided the drinks. We thank  Startup Mannheim for their continuous support and Albert of PMH for the awesome pitch!

In the context of the past  Startup Lounges #55 and #56, Good Cha tested their products. Meet them live on stage in the final pitches on December 4! 

We at MCEI are proud to have such great startups, a fanstastic audience and awesome partners! We are also grateful to Café L3 for their continuous support and hosting us. We are looking forward to the final 3 Startup Lounges this year: 

Startup Lounge #57 with Pacific Straws: November 6 (Café L3, 19:30)

Startup Lounge #58: November 20 (Café L3, 19:30)

Startup Lounge #58 Entrepreneurial Spirit Final Pitch Competition on December 4 (7.30pm): 4 Teams from our accelerator course will deliver their final pitches in Startup Lounge #59. The winning team will obtain a 1500 EUR seed prize money for their further startup development sponsored by Startup Mannheim. The startups will be facing an expert jury that will challenge their business models. 

Some impressions attached! Looking forward to seeing you at the upcoming Startup Lounges!!

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