INTEGRA is the student consulting group at the University of Mannheim. As one of Germany´s leading student consulting groups, we offer exceptional students the opportunity to use their acquired theoretical knowledge on real and interesting project with our clients stretching from Start-ups to major corporations.

To support our student consultants and ensure highest quality for our clients, we offer regular workshops and professional training programs for our members enabling them to improve their skills and prepare for the work on external projects. Such workshops are either offered by external partners or conducted by one of our experienced consultants who profit from a history of more than 300 successfully accomplished projects of our diverse service portfolio: market research, marketing, human resources and recruiting, finance, strategy and IT.

In corporation with the MCEI, INTEGRA regularly supports a diverse set of start-ups that take part in the inside venture program. These projects on the one hand allow younger consultants to profit from and work together with more experienced members and on the other hands offers free advisory support to young entrepreneurs.

But not only our projects make INTEGRA one of the most interesting student initiatives in Mannheim. Every member is encouraged to take responsibility for the club, work together in a team and therefore achieve personal and professional growth. Furthermore, our members have the unique opportunity to profit from an impressive network of former student consultants who share their experiences and expertise with our active members.

On the verge of spring term 2015, INTEGRA is looking for new ambitious members willing to support the team and their clients. Are you interested in gaining experience through consulting projects with real clients? Are you looking for a challenge that allows you to use your knowledge from university in a real business environment?

INTEGRA is constantly looking for extraordinary and proactive personalities from all fields of study who have strong analytical skills and are innovative. Founded in 1990, INTEGRA is the student consultancy at the University of Mannheim and may look back on a staggering number of over 200 consulting projects. In order to bring a breath of fresh air into their clients' businesses they provide dedicated highly client-oriented project teams that deliver the latest research findings directly from the auditorium into the business. With preparatory training and workshops with well-respected partners you will be prepared to succeed in internal and external projects. Please note that fluency in German is cumpulsory for all applicants.

INTEGRA represents excellence, passion and originality. Do you want to be a part of all that? Visit INTEGRA ́s homepage for more information or simply join the information meeting.

Information meeting

Tue. February 17 – O 142 – 7 pm



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