You are here: MCEI | Startup Support | seeks working student data science! seeks working student data science! seeks working student data science! is looking for a working student in the field of data science. This position is available immediately with free choice of location (Mannheim, Berlin or remote). Knowledge of Python and/or AWS cloud services is required.

What you will do:
▪ Support the implementation of tools and processes to monitor and analyze AI model performance and data quality.
▪ Support the development of custom web data models and algorithms.
▪ Assess the relevance and impact of new data sources and data gathering techniques.
▪ Contribute unit-, integration- and behavioral tests to ensure constant high data quality

About ISTARI.AI (ISTARI Artificial Intelligence) is a data intelligence Start-up. They automate web research through AI agents to deliver near-time web-based company and market information. For this purpose they developped webAI, a tool that analyses and evaluates millions of corporate websites and other corporate related webtexts at high frequency and granularity through artificial intelligence. ISTARI has strong connections into academia and industry alike, e.g. current customers include government agencies, private companies and universities.

 To learn more see also the attached PDF!

Please send applications and questions by e-mail to: Dr. Jan Kinne This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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