Market and sales strategy @LBRM

Market and sales strategy @LBRM

The content of this INTEGRA Inside the Venture consulting project was developing a market strategy for LBRM. The work on the marketing strategy included an identification of potential target groups and research on relevant competitors. Another aspect of the team´s work was setting up a strategy for sales as well as a communication strategy.

LBRM develops software for the improved representation and hedging of company risks. In addition, feedback cycles are greatly shortened by an interactive real-time risk evaluation. The basis of the product is the modelling of each individual position using a new algebraic approach. This makes it possible to aggregate risk models of individual positions at portfolio level in order to visualize network effects. The team of founders, consisting of Dirk Schulte, Dr. Christian Hoffmann and the HPI alumnus Dr. Jann Müller, has been supported since September 2017 by the "Exist" Founders Scholarship in cooperation with the University of Mannheim. LBRM GmbH was founded in December 2017.

We thank INTEGRA and the team for this excellent project!


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