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Marketing strategy development @100 Worte

Marketing strategy development @100 Worte

The content of this INTEGRA Inside the Venture consulting project was developing a market strategy for 100 Worte. That included an analysis of all potential marketing channels. Also communication strategies were part of their work. That meant building up a presentation of the company and rolling out a map for the next relevant communication steps. The core marketing strategy included an identification of potential target groups, research on the closest competitors and a conclusion on relevant best-practices.

100 Worte is a startup that was founded in 2017 in Heilbronn. Their product uses AI to analyse personalities. On the basis of the latest socio-psychological research in combination with AI methods, they are able to sum up a personality impression from the person interacting with the interface. Based on their words, 100W gives insights into people's personalities, relationships, feelings, ways of thinking and needs. The tool is used in areas of customer support, marketing, and HR - but the possibilities are vast.

We thank INTEGRA and the team for this excellent project!


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