Entrepreneurial Spirit @MCEI

Entrepreneurial Spirit @MCEI pixabay.com

The Mannheim Center of Entrepreneurship and Innovation (MCEI) has been supported by a MAN633 Inside the Venture project during the Spring Semester 2018. The project was conducted by Fan Zhao.

The MCEI is the interdisciplinary center for entrepreneurship and innovation at the University of Mannheim. With its three core pillars inspiration, entrepreneurial education, and startup support, it helps creating a culture of learning, knowledge exchange, innovation, and excitement for startup development. MCEI’s success builds on highly motivated students tackling challenges in new ventures and experienced entrepreneurs who serve as mentors, speakers, role models, and facilitators.

During the project, Fan has conducted interviews to understand how professionals and students evaluate startup support, and to find out their expectations towards a university-based startup support. Following the interviews, Fan analyzed the results and defined how a “giving back” mentality could be more fostered among alumni of the University of Mannheim.

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