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Market analysis @Neptun Data Processing

Market analysis @Neptun Data Processing

As part of the MAN 633 Entrepreneurial Spirit course in spring 2021 Yudith Gabriela Ramirez, Simon Becht and Fabio Westphal did a market analysis for Neptun Data Processing. One Key finding was that the company´s main product HeadlineHunter is not entirely new to the market but can win over competition in certain aspects like credibility scoring. Also they identified institutional investors as a suitable target group, compared to other potential clients like freelance journalists.

Neptun Data Processing GmbH was founded in August 2019 and develops the HeadlineHunter Dashboard, a web application that enables users to find and monitor global news headlines translated from over 50 languages. The data analysis technology automatically evaluates the credibility of sources, marks headlines with positive, negative or neutral sentiment and creates summary reports.

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