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“Inside the Venture” Master Thesis at OnSight – 4D-fying medical interventions

“Inside the Venture” Master Thesis at OnSight – 4D-fying medical interventions

“Inside the Venture”-projects can take different forms. Besides our great projects in cooperation with Integra and students projects, we also send excellent students with business expertise into Startups to support them. This is is then, next to a theoretical element, part of their master thesis work. As a major part of his master thesis at MCEI, Patrick Bach developed the business plan for an innovative medical technology spinoff at the dkfz Heidelberg in close collaboration with the founders and researchers.

The new venture, OnSight, revolutionizes medical image guidance. A novel system of dedicated hardware and software will make catheter interventions (and similar procedures) simpler, faster and safer by providing the first real 4D (3D + time) images.

In order to successfully commercialize the new technology in a complex environment, Patrick advances possible business models. Moreover, he conducted expert queries and interviewed potential product champions. His tasks also included financial plannimng, cash flow projections and preparing and holding pitch presentations in front of various investors.

Patrick applied academic insights regarding the successful commercialization of disruptive technologies in real-life. He had so much fun with the project that he will stay further involved in the further business development: “I am really thankful for this opportunity and the exciting experiences that I had and still have in this project”. Many thanks to Patrick, who did an excellent job! He would not be the first interim CEO evolving out of our joint projects with the dkfz.


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