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Apply now for the GROW Program and the MakeItMatter Award!

Apply now for the GROW Program and the MakeItMatter Award! GREEN Startup Accelerator

Since last year, the <SMART> GREEN ACCELERATOR has been cooperating with start-ups and innovation-driven companies in the green economy. In addition, the startup accelerator from Freiburg offers "Start-up BW Pre-Seed", a new, attractive investment option for startups in the seed phase. With the launch of the new GROW program, for which startups can still compete until 30 June 2019, a new startup award, worth a total of € 40,000, will also be launched.

As early as the first program round in 2018, 13 successful cooperations between companies and startups could be established in the programs of the GREEN ACCELERATOR. Here are some examples:

  • EWS Schönau is cooperating with the startups Voltstorage and Oxygen Technologies to launch a new product in the area of ​​decentralized energy supply.
  • Alnatura lists the Startup Nomoo to expand its product range with innovative food from the startup field. In addition, the sustainable mobile startup Wetell, which has undergone a successful crowdfunding campaign of over € 160,000 as part of the accelerator program, is pursuing a joint marketing strategy. The goal: to make ALDI Talk sustainable in the future.
  • The PFIZER Healthcare HUB Freiburg cooperates with the startup Envuco to make their own Green Factory even smarter.

In addition to existing business partners such as Alnatura, EWS Schönau, EGT Group, Pfizer Healthcare HUB, Umwelttechnik BW, Sustainability Center and FWTM, there are other partners who want to develop new business areas through startup cooperation.

NEW PROGRAM: GROW In the new GROW program, start-ups are networked more purposefully with companies and individually supported in the rerouting of the partnerships. Start-ups with innovative products should have at least an advanced prototype or be in the market and move in the Green Energy, Green Factory or Organic Food fields.

NEW FINANCING INSTRUMENT FOR STARTUPS In addition to the GROW program, the GREEN ACCELERATOR offers startups the opportunity to use the Pre-Seed Fund through the country of BaWü. GREEN has recently become an accredited partner for the awarding of attractive investment options. The pilot program Start-up BW Pre-Seed supports innovative founders in the so-called seed phase, in which private investors and venture capital companies often act with restraint. The state of Baden-Württemberg thus offers an attractive loan with a conversion option of up to € 200,000, which expires in the event of a loss.

NEW STARTUP AWARD: MakeItMatter With the MakeItMatter Award, EWS Schönau, in cooperation with the GREEN ACCELERATOR, for the first time awards a prize to energy innovators who promote the energy transition with their products or projects. The prize is endowed with a total of € 40,000.

For more information about the GREEN ACCELERATOR offer and how to apply for the GROW program, visit the following link:

About Grünhof GmbH Grünhof GmbH operates the largest and most modern coworking and startup center in South Baden. With two locations for startups and innovative companies, as well as various startup incubators and accelerators for various industries, the Grünhof with the GREEN ACCELERATOR is already one of the lighthouse accelerators of Start-up BW - the founding offensive of the state of Baden-Württemberg.


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