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Adtelligence AI Champion of the Year!

Adtelligence AI Champion of the Year!

Congratulations to Adtelligence who have just been awarded AI Champion of the Year by the state of Baden-Württemberg. The prize was awarded for a software solution for personalised targeting in digital sales that makes artificial intelligence available to everyone. With this proposal, Adtelligence convinced the expert jury led by Minister of Economic Affairs Dr Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut.

In order to demonstrate the region´s potential in AI, the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Economics, Labor and Tourism has called for the "AI Champions Baden-Württemberg" competition for the second time this year. Today Baden-Württemberg is already a pioneer for AI and continues to strengthen its role as Germany's engine of innovation. Numerous outstanding examples of “AI made in Baden-Württemberg” prove the role that the state has. Uni Mannheim and MCEI try to contribute to this development by taking part in an AI network of regional universitie, the Deep Tech Hub.

Adtelligence was founded by Michael Altendorf, Cyrille Waguet, Jürgen Greulich and Udo Schork in 2009. Michael Altendorf is a Uni Mannheim alumnus. In the fall semester of 2020 he hold a guest lecture in the course of MAN 630 – Introduction to Entrepreneurship. In regard of the award he explained their role as following: "Artificial intelligence is a key technology for the future that can only unfold its full power when it is permanently used in the daily work environment. That's why we're taking it out of the research labs and making it available to a broad range of users. Small and medium-sized companies in particular benefit from our personalisation software, as they can now address their customers individually on all digital channels for the first time - fully automated and without much effort. We are particularly pleased that this approach has been honoured by the jury and the state of Baden-Württemberg."

Adtelligence´s focus lies on Big Data, Customer Intelligence and Personalization Solutions. Adtelligence took part in several MCEI events and was awarded Startup of the Month.

The AI solution from Adtelligence enables automated target group and customer-specific addressing of visitors on websites, product pages and landing pages. The entire content, the design and the offers can be automatically tailored to the respective visitors. The individually optimised approach is based on the AI-supported evaluation of all visit, customer and context data. Adtelligence's software determines who is visiting a website, what the underlying needs are and plays out a correspondingly optimised version of the website. The result is more sales, better conversion, additional profits, a reduction in the churn rate and the exploitation of cross-selling and up-selling potential.

The special feature: Due to the high degree of prefabrication of the software, it can be operated without any programming knowledge. This means that sales and marketing professionals without a technical background can configure neural networks and start their own campaigns with just a few clicks. Adtelligence thus makes the possibilities of artificial intelligence available to a larger group of users for the first time.


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