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Ball Pod Co-Founder in MAN 632

Ball Pod Co-Founder in MAN 632

Tomorrow (Thursday, May 16) Michael Hoeck, co-founder of BallPod, will speak in our MAN632 Lecture Series. Everybody interested in Entrepreneruship is kindly invited to join. The talk will be about how to come up with a great and fresh idea and leveraging a prototype into production when being overwhelmed by demand.

"BallPod® is an innovative pod for photo cameras, video cameras, or smartphones. BallPod® does not only look better than existing tripods, but is also suitable for a variety of uses and incredibly handy. Perfect for hobby photographers and even pros!" Find more information on 

Do not miss this guest lecture. The venue is M003 (PwC Lecture Hall). The time slot: 13:45-15:15. Please make sure to register via:


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