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Mars acquires a majortiy stake in Foodspring

Mars acquires a majortiy stake in Foodspring foodspring

Foodspring was recently mentioned by Mars Inc., the US-based food company, to be "one of the largest and fastest-growing targeted nutrition businesses in Europe". The privately held company with a 2017 revenue of USD 35 billion has been building a health foods division, and has recently acquired a majority stake in Foodspring, the sports nutrition startup based in Berlin. Mars Inc. did not, however, mention the financial terms of the investment.

Ever since its inception, foodspring has rapidly been growing with its products being currently sold in 12 countries. A study by Grand View Research estimates the global personalised nutrition market at USD 25 million in 2017, and they estimate this figure to grow by more than 9% every year until 2025.  

Foodspring was founded in 2013 by then Rocket Internet executives, Tobias Schüle and Philipp Schrempp. Tobias Schüle is an alumni of the University of Mannheim, having completed his Master's degree here with a focus on Entrepreneurial Studies. Foodspring has been featured in a special edition of the MCEI Startup Lounge #25 in 2016. Despite the recent transaction with Mars Inc., foodspring would continue to be operated from within Germany by its cofounders.

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