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Founded by Dr. Timo Machmer, Steffen Liebscher and Dr. Alexej Swerdlow
Founded in 2010
Located in Mannheim
Co-founders Timo Machmer and Alexej Swerdlow are University of Mannheim Alumni. The team received MCEI Consulting. Opasca received support from an INTEGRA Inside the Venture project. Opasca has been Startup of the Month.

OPASCA Systems is a technology-oriented company, which just the ‘Existenzgründungspreis 2013’ provided by the City of Mannheim. OPASCA has a focus on medical technology with its product medXguard being in scope. More generally, OPASCA's activities are centered on the development of new products and innovative services within the field of multimodal environmental sensing: OPASCA's systems enable the sensor-based detection and automatic analysis of complex environments. The distinctiveness of the company's approach is reflected in a goal-oriented combination of visual sensors (cameras) and their counterparts on the acoustic side (microphones). Following this procedure an unique orchestration of enviromental scanning, the various systems even functions under very unfavourable conditions (example: darkness generated through smoke in a traffic tunnel, high radiation exposure). The company is based in the MAFINEX Technology Center in Mannheim.

Multimodal Environmental Sensoring

The technology developed by OPASCA Systems is a multi-functional tool for the automatic evaluation of diverse data from complex sensing networks. This technology provides the foundation for a variety of innovative products in different fields of application. An example for the application of this tool is the multimodal detection of safety-critical areas in any hazardous environment.

Innovative products

OPASCA developed a sytem called medXguard which especially addresses the medical environment. It is an innovative, highly integrative video-based system which offers protection to people working in facilities for radiotherapy, X-rays, computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging. Within these facilities, it is important to ensure that inaccurate handling or a dysfunction of the radiation equipment does not lead to undesired radiation within the room (e.g. of staff or other patients). The unique innovation of medXguard is the video-based and fully automatic detection of people in the respective area. It steps up form the current state of technology through the fact that people entering the radiation facilities do not have to use any form of additional identification marks (for example in the form of RFID transponders). This tremendously increases and ensures the protection of external people entering the facilities, as for example patients’ escorts, cleaners or technicians. 

OPASCA was the first Start Up to receive funding from the Beteiligungsfonds Wirtschaftsförderung Mannheim in June 2013

The three founders of OPASCA, Dr. Alexej Swerdlow, Dr. Timo Machmer and Dipl.-Inf. Steffen Liebscher had already been cooperating with the Wirtschaftsförderung Mannheim before and are looking forward to intensifying the constructive co-operation.

Strong ties to MCEI

In cooperation with INTEGRA e.V. the Mannheim Student Accelerator Inside the Venture has conducted a student accelerator project with OPASCA. The name of the project was “Conducting a market analysis for the OPASCA Systems GmbH" and it lasted from March 25, 2013 to May 15, 2013. The objective of the consulting project was to evaluate the current market opportunities for OPASCA. A particular focus was set on the product medXguard, which is a personal security system for radiotherapy facilities.

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