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This section provides an overview of the success stories connected to the MCEI and/or the University of Mannheim. We at MCEI are working hard to make this list as complete as possible but we are still missing out on many startups and companies. If you have further suggestions of companies we should include, please let us know.


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Startup of the Month

Startup of the Month
Friday Founded by Christoph Samwer Founded in 2017 Insurance Located in Berlin Founder Christoph Samwer is an University of Mannheim Alumnus. The digital car insurance FRIDAY was launched in 2017 in Berlin by an experienced team led by Dr. Christoph Samwer and with the support of the Swiss Bâloise Group. It is part of the "Deutsche Niederlassung der Basler…
End of June, with a heavy heart we said goodbye to Dr. Jan Zybura here at MCEI and the chair of SME research and entrepreneurship.  Jan is one of the original founding members of the MCEI at the University of Mannheim and was a major force in shaping not only the center itself but also a driving force in shaping…
Komod TT UG Founded by Nils König and Stefan Meyer Founded in 2016 Liquidated in 2020 Online antique furniture shop Located in Berlin Nils König and Stefan Meyer are University of Mannheim Alumni. Komod is an online B2C-marketplace for antique furniture in Germany. It combines technology-driven processes with state-of-the-art online marketing in order to provide the best user experience…
Jump-Overseas Founded by Birgit Lotz and Juliane Wutzler Founded in 2007 Education Agent Guide Located in Mainz Co-founder Juliane Wutzler is an University of Mannheim Alumna. Jump-Overseas arranges highschool stays and student exchanges to New Zealand. We have personally visited over 70 New Zealand schools over the past few years. Our strength is individual advice for parents and students.…
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