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Here in the graduate section of MCEI you can find all information about graduate classes, the Research Seminar (MAN 770), the Master's Colloquium, and the Master's Thesis organized by the chair of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises and Entrepreneurship.

In last week’s MAN 632 ‚Advanced Entrepreneurship’ lecture, the young entrepreneur Dr. Michael Hoeck held an impressing lecture about his newly founded venture. Together with his friend and photo-enthusiast Christian, he founded a company called BallPod in March 2012. The start-up is specialized on the development of innovative pods for photo cameras, video cameras and smartphones. The advantages of the…
Tomorrow (Thursday, May 16) Michael Hoeck, co-founder of BallPod, will speak in our MAN632 Lecture Series. Everybody interested in Entrepreneruship is kindly invited to join. The talk will be about how to come up with a great and fresh idea and leveraging a prototype into production when being overwhelmed by demand. "BallPod® is an innovative pod for photo cameras, video…
In a creative Science Fiction Prototyping (CSFP) project, MAN 632 students explore the issue of technology transfer from research into products and business models of the future within the field of Organic Electronics. Thereby, students will try to tackle the challenge of how to discover opportunities for entrepreneurial ventures or corporates, which have not been addressed before. Furthermore, they will…
On Thursday April 18th, Dr. Martin Gutfleisch (InnovationLab Heidelberg) will hold a guest lecture on the Cluster Forum Organic Electronics and recent technological and scientific advancements in Organic Electronics and their potential. The talk is in the context of MAN 632. The venue is the PwC Lecture Hall M003 and everybody is kindly encouraged to join (participation is not restricted to…
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