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Course Outline This practical and virtual course familiarizes students with concepts of entrepreneurial behaviour and opportunity recognition and creation. We address topics how emotions, perceptions, cognitions, an individual’s entrepreneurial orientation and personality, and sociological and social-psychological processes shape the entrepreneurial process in crowdfunding, the interactions with the crowd, and finally crowdfunding and community-building success. Students learn key elements of crowdfunding,…
MCEI offers the following courses in the upcoming spring semester. MCEI 453 is a course on a Bachelor level, MAN 632 and 633 are Master courses. (1) MAN 453 Thinking Beyond Boxes – Advance your startup The course encourages the further development of student business ideas from all faculties of the University of Mannheim. Within the course format, students develop…
Course Outline Successful entrepreneurs pursue new business opportunities in a pioneering way. They significantly contribute to innovation, growth and employment generation. Meet top entrepreneurs who share their experience and insights in MAN 632 and explore their entrepreneurial challenges in real-life case studies. In our 2021 speaker series, you will meet: Victoria Seibert (Mirabesque), Dr. Simone Burel (LUB), Christian Conrad (Magnetic…
Spring 2021 Situation In accordance with the university policy to help fight the current COVID-19 pandemic, MCEI and the Chair of SME Reserach and Entrepreneurship moved its teaching efforts online for the fall semester 2020. You can expect all sessions to take place on Zoom and you will receive all the relevant information as well as exams online. Unfortunatly, this…
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