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Founder Talk with Max Wittrock (mymuesli)

Founder Talk with Max Wittrock (mymuesli)

Venue: MAFINEX Technologiezentrum, Julius-Hatry-Straße 1, 68163 Mannheim

Meet Max Wittrock (mymuesli) in our Founder Talk on Tuesday, November 24.

How mymuesli started

The story of our own organic muesli began with a car journey: We were on the way to lake for a swim and heard the radio ad of a well-known German muesli company. A few hours later we agreed: Not only did we want to make better radio ads - why not also make better muesli? It should be organic without added flavours or colours, and sugar-free.

Most importantly it should be individually customisable. However, muesli is an ideal customisation product owing to its different ingredients and myriad combination options. None of the traditional muesli producers had used its potential yet. We thought that was surprising.

After all, muesli fill shelf after shelf in supermarkets. And its hard to find anyone who doesn't like muesli.

You want to know, how mymuesli made their whole success happen?
You want to know how approached the other ideas they took to market afterwards?
Get your ticket for the Founder Talk!

Eventbrite - Founder Talk with Max Wittrock (mymuesli)

Don't miss this great opportunity! If you are interested in first hand startup experience and the opportunity to even work at mymuesli during one of the next semesters don't miss this talk!

  • 7.30 pm Founder Talk of mymuesli
  • Afterwards Get-Together, Opportunity to talk to Max and find out even more about muesli!
  • See you on Tuesday!

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