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MCEI is only as good as our partners. Here you can find all our partners sorted according to the services they can offer to you.

Advisory & Support

Advisory & Support

Angel Investors & VCs

Angel Investors & VCs



Design and Development

Design and Development

Legal Advisors

Legal Advisors

Startup Centers

Startup Centers

Student Initiatives

Student Initiatives

The funding program ”young innovators” supports young researchers from universities, non-academic research institutions and academies in developing and selling innovative products and business models. Fundable is the preparation for setting up a start-up that deals with innovative products, procedures or services, e.g. inventions, software or other technological know-how.

The program includes consulting and other support as well as a constant funding and income comparable with a permanent post-doc position. That is about to offer an alternative to a regular uni contract to enable researchers starting over with their ideas. As a long-term target the program tries to ease knowledge and technology transfer from academic and research institutions into business. Therefor it particularly aims at potential founders who were benefitting from other funding before that is about to end.

The next funding is open for application until 29 March. For more info follow the link.

Apply now for the Up2B-Accelerator Program! The Up2B Accelerator is a common project from the Technology Park Heidelberg, NEXT MANNHEIM and innoWerft Walldorf. Invited to apply are Entrepreneurs aiming to challenge themselves to boost their business and Start-ups in a tech business with B2B focus from the field of IT, digital or deep-tech.

Program Period

12th April – 21st May 2021

Program Language


Program Location

***online only***

Due to covid-19 all coachings and network activities will take place as a virtual format.

That means for you:

You can stay at home and benefit from the Breakthrough program
You save cost and travel time
You keep your carbon footprint low

What you can expect

Six challenging weeks to boost your startup and to get access to our B2B world

  • Selected workshops to sharpen your business know-how
  • One-on-one coachings with mentors and B2B experts
  • 4 hours average of intensive startup coaching per week
  • Demo Day to pitch your startup in front of our industry network
  • A chance to become elected for Start-up BW Pre-Seed
  • Free participation

The program

Six weeks to get access to our B2B world

You’ve stumbled across a potential customer need but are not sure about whether it’s a problem worth solving? You’ve gathered one or two potential co-founders but don’t know about how to create a fast-growing startup?

Up2B Breakthough is all about getting a clear picture about what we call problem-solution fit. We’ll support you in asking the right questions and find potential customers. You’ll also learn a lot about best-practice in starting a company.

Monday always starts with a week and theme kick off. Friday is feedback day: An expert takes an hour of time for you and your specific questions. Every now and then there is a Breakthrough special on Wednesdays, where you can delve deeper into important topics.


Apply now on

4 weeks, 1 team, 1 idea! It’s time for another #STARTUP LAB by #heiINNOVATION at @UniHeidelberg and it takes place from Feb. 26 to Mar. 26, 2021. Apply now for an intense online course to get you into the right entrepreneurial mindset and learn about new methods to create innovative ideas and business models! The hei_INNOVATION team will teach you how to evolve, grow, and pitch! #StartupLabUniHD

For more info see:

Register now free of charge for the “4C Accelerator Tübingen” of the Foundation for Medical Innovation, the Medical Innovations GmbH and the University of Tübingen! This qualification program for potential founders and startups is funded by the campaign “Start-up BW” of the Ministry of Economics Baden-Württemberg. Included in the program is the development of the business model until the point of “investor readiness”. A focus lies on the specific needs of startups from the fields of life science and health care. Therefor an intensive individual monitoring is provided from medical experts, concerning the 4 Cs:

• C1-Commercialization: planning of turnover in the healthcare-sector (i.a. refunding costs from the health insurances)
• C2-Certification: Certifying product and company
• C3-Clinical Studies: Proofing evidence of the product
• C4-Copyright: Using data/-copyright strategically

Who can apply?

Eligible are all students, professionals, founding teams and innovators, including clinicians, nurses, lab technicians, scientists who want to translate their innovative ideas into health solutions of the following domains:

• Medical Devices (gadgets, machines, instruments, implants)
• Therapeutics (drugs, active ingredients)
• Diagnostics (laboratory tests or procedures)
• Digital Health (data, analytics, software, monitoring

Apply now until the 05 March 2021 on Eventbrite

The 5th final of BW ASAP is coming up on Thursday 18 February 2021 from 4 to 6 pm.

Right now there are 120 teams from universities from all over Baden-Württemberg in the pace and still able to promote their pitch for the final. Then only the 25 best teams will get the chance to present their vision in front of a jury and the audience. The event will be all online. For further info and registration go to

Prices will be awarded in 9 categories including budget for pursuing the ideas further and varios grants and promotions. The audience will be included in also choosing their favourite team.

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