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Startup Lounge #105 | 26 September 2023 7.30pm

Startup Lounge #105 | 26 September 2023 7.30pm

We are excited to welcome MARS - Mannheim Runway for Startups from Mannheim University of Applied Sciences as our co-feature partner for our next Startup Lounge. This startup Lounge is also a cooperation with one of the biggest student organizations from the University of Mannheim - Enactus! Enactus stands for the entrepreneurial spirit (entrepreneurial), the will to create (action) and the commonality of action and values (us) - a term that sums up their mission in one word: to inspire students to make a lasting difference in the world through entrepreneurial action. The members of Enactus receive active support from the Enactus community, consisting of business and faculty advisors, alumni and supporters from the business world. We will be welcoming two startups from Enactus: Afya and Greenheat.

GreenHeat is a start-up with a goal to contribute towards optimising the energy cycle in energy-intensive server farms. The concept involves using the servers' waste heat directly to heat greenhouses. This maximises the efficiency of server farms and creates a sustainable solution for food production.

Afya is currently operating in Uganda and has the objective of contributing to the fight against malnutrition. To achieve this, they produce a food supplement using the nutrient-rich microalgae Spirulina. This supplement is offered at discounted prices to schools and subsidized through sales to households with medium and high income.

Don't miss the chance to get inspired by these young and ambitioned founders! Join us for good drinks and conversations at Agata Cafe. No registrations needed! Just stop by. See you there on September 26, 2023 at 7:30pm.

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