New format at herCAREER 2017: Male founders and start-up teams, who are looking for a co-founder, are given the chance to present their startup as well as the area and the tasks for which they are looking a co-founder for. Therefore the male founder or team presents before a mainly female audience.   Male founders and entrepreneurs can apply for…
The Junge Innovatoren program helps young scientific staff from universities and other research institutes in becoming independent producers and distributors of innovative products or processes. The program is designed to create an alternative to dependent employment while at the same time encouraging the transfer of technology and know-how from universities to industry. Future-oriented fields such as optoelectronics, biotechnology, medical technology, solar…
As part of the innovation strategy at Bayer, we are running the Dealmaker program for mature startups, companies, research institutions and/or universities. The program targets institutions that already have mature solutions and technologies developed. The goal is to solve defined challenges from various areas within Bayer with the prospect of acquiring Bayer as a potential customer. The applications deadline is June…
As part of the innovation strategy at Bayer, we are running the Grants4Apps Accelerator Program for Digital Health start-ups. The Grants4Apps Accelerator program offers top start-ups: Financial support of 50k €. On-site mentoring program for 100 days with network to C-level management at Bayer in Berlin. Workspace at Bayer Berlin for the whole duration of the program.   The Grants4Apps…
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