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Founder Talk with Benedikt Franke (Helpling GmbH)

Founder Talk with Benedikt Franke (Helpling GmbH)

Venue: MAFINEX Technologiezentrum, Julius-Hatry-Straße 1, 68163 Mannheim

Meet Benedikt Franke (Helpling GmbH) in our Founder Talk on Wednesday, May 6. Learn how they expanded across 12 countries in 12 months. Being the COO of MyCityDeals and Head of HR at Rocket Internet, Benedikt has a lot of entrepreneurial experience he will share during the Founder Talk

  • About Helpling: 
  • Helpling is a dynamic startup company headquartered in the heart of Berlin. It took the founders, Benedikt Franke and Philip Huffmann, less than 80 days to bring their idea to market. In April 2014, Helpling launched in Germany and, two months later, the new online service was already available in Austria, France, Sweden and the Netherlands. Today Helpling is available in more than 150 cities and is the most widely-available platform for home cleaning.
Don't miss this great opportunity! If you are interested in first hand startup experience and the opportunity to even work at Helpling during summer don't miss this talk!
6.00 pm        Grab something from the MAFINEX-BBQ before the talk
7.30 pm        Founder Talk of Helpling GmbH
Afterwards  Get-Together and Opportunity to talk to Helpling
See you on Wednesday!
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