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Founder Talk with Christian Wiens (GetSafe) - Follow-Up

Founder Talk with Christian Wiens (GetSafe) - Follow-Up


On October 19th, we welcomed Christian Wiens of GetSafe as guest of our Founder Talk. The event was organised in partnership with the bdvb e.V. Hochschulgruppe Mannheim and hosted at Café L3. We at MCEI were excited to have yet another great entrepreneur here in Mannheim. He shared with us the process of starting his venture and talked about managing change.

Christian Wiens is currently co-founder and CEO of GetSafe. He was accompanied by Co-founder and CTO Marius Blaesing as well as a part of the GetSafe team. Based in Heidelberg, GetSafe is among Germany’s fastest growing and most innovative InsurTech startups. By developing the first digital insurance, they are transferring the concept of multi-line insurers like Axa or Allianz into the digital age. Their aim is to offer a service which is both easy of access and affordable. Their strong growth is supported by Munich Re, one of the largest re-insurers of the world, as well as by strong and leading VC investors, including Rocket Internet, CommerzVentures and Partech. GetSafe wants to become the World´s 1st mobile multiline insurance provider, or, as Christian said: “We want to be the Allianz of the next generation.” With this in view, they want to further expand their team, so they brought internships flyers with them which can also be found in our Jobs section.

Taking his business as an example, Christian shared first-hand insights with the audience on how to start a business and how to grow in the longstanding business and highly competitive market of insurance. He talked about building a team, approaching investors, increasing traction and remaining visionary about the future.

Christian also challenged his audience: why not to start a startup? Or at least join a startup – especially if it involves the possibility of getting a high salary as well as a secure job right after graduating from university? It is an asset to have a startup experience in your resume. Even with a corporate job targeted, startup experience will enable you to develop skills such as creativity and taking responsibilities.

The evening ended around drinks with a networking session. Special thanks to our co-host the bdvb e.V. Hochschulgruppe Mannheim and Café L3 for making this event a most enjoyable time for our guests. And of course a big thanks to Christian and the team of GetSafe for sharing the insights!


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