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DesignLAB | Creative Space

DesignLAB | Creative Space

Please note: Due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation the DesignLAB is closed until further notice!


The MCEI DesignLAB is the collaborative, creative space for you to brainstorm, develop ideas and get your startup off the ground. The room provides you with desks, a presentation tv, a relax-corner, arts and crafts supplies and a 3D-printer for prototyping, a coffeemaker, a white board and of course enough space for your entire team to get to work. Our DesignLAB is in L9 1-2, Room 110.


First you have to register in the MCEI Network. To then book time in the DesignLAB, please write an email with your desired time and the subject line "mcei designlab booking request" to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You will receive a confirmation afterwards. Please note that the maximum duration for one booking is 72hrs and you have to be enrolled at the University of Mannheim. That means, at least one member of your team must be enrolled at the University of Mannheim. After booking you can pick up the keys and the access card at the secretary's office during office hours. You can enter the room anytime you like with the keys! When you get the keys you will be asked to sign the terms and conditions of the DesignLAB. For further information on opening hours and general information please refer to the terms and conditions.


For general inquiries about the DesignLAB write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


To use the 3D Printer you are required to take part in an introductory session hosted by MCEI. We offer one session at the start of every semester. Please stay tuned for the next session. You need to register to participate. Find more information further down.


Are you interested in 3D-printing technology? Do you want first-hand experience on how a 3D-printer works? Do you want to use the 3D-printer located in the MCEI DesignLAB for advancing your own startup? Then don´t miss out on the chance to get an introductory session for our 3D-printer located in the MCEI DesignLAB. We will offer two dates in the…
Don´t miss the chance to gather insights into 3D-printing technology. Join our second introductory session on Wednesday, 27.09.2017 and learn how to use our 3D-printer located in the DesignLAB. After the first successful introduction session last Wednesday we will be hosting another session on Wednesday, 27.09.2017. The session will take place from 17:00 – 18:00 in MCEI DesignLAB. If you…
June 26th: for a blazingly hot evening, a group of resistant, curious students and guests investigated their interest for 3D printing @MCEI Mannheim. Under the passionate instruction by 3D printing expert, Prof. Dr. Tobias Günther, the adventurers learned how to use the program Sketch Up to model one of Mannheim’s most famous and beautiful sights: The Water Tower. After having…
Join us in the grand opening of our new creative space as part of the Gründerwoche Deutschland! The MCEI DesignLAB is opening its doors for students of the University of Mannheim to work on their startups. We want to celebrate with all of you and you are dearly invited to join us. Come to the second floor of L9, 1-2…
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