MIAMED miamed.de
Founded by Dr. Kenan Hasan, Dr. Madjid Salimi and Dr. Sievert Weiss
Founded in 2011
Located in Cologne
Miamed was supported by MCEI Inside the Venture projects.

Thee medical students founded Miamed in 2011 after completing their final exams. Their own hassle studying with outdated software and dusty books coupled with the software development experience of one of them led to the idea: AMBOSS, a learning platform preparing medical students from the very first day of their studies to the final exam - and since 2016 even beyond, providing practical information such as therapy algorithms and medication dosages.

Today Miamed's market share among medical studients in Germany lies over 95%. With students having studied with AMBOSS also the number of graduate users continually increases.

In 2016 and 2017 the MCEI supported Miamed with two inside the venture projects. The first project helped Miamed to ramp up a product management process for their mobile applications, the second project helped Miamed to create an actionable business plan to enter the US market.

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