Fashire UG (haftungsbeschraänkt)
Founded by David Minkovski, Jason Reich and Marco Eylert
Founded in 2012
Terminated in 2014
Search Engine
Located in Berlin
Co-founder David Minkovski is a University of Mannheim Alumnus. David opened our first Startup Lounge in 2013.

Startup Characteristics

fashire is about connecting online and offline retail and was founded in 2012. The founding team's vision is to make fashire the new way to find clothes nearby and to help discover fashion locally. They are convinced that fashire can change the world of fashion as it is known today. Since fashire innovatively plans to connect the online and offline fashion world with the help of innovative technology, its products will be available via their website and a mobile application. The Startup's aim is to provide information about the individual items and clothes but also ensure a fast and intuitive connection to the local stores that sell the respective clothes. It offers clear and structured data about the stores, brands and items and makes sure that the interactions between the users and the application are smooth and user-friendly.


Personal Characteristics

fashire was founded by a team of three students with a dedicated entrepreneurial mindset: David Minkovski, Jason Reich and Marco Eylert. Each one of them is responsible for managing another area of the company. Shortly after founding the company, the three founders were joined by a keen developer, Thomas Wiegand, and started building their product. David and Thomas (left picture) studied Business Informatics at the University of Mannheim and graduated in 2014. David is responsible for the communication. Prior to founding fashire, he started a company called patentula, a Stanford-based crowdsourcing graph-system, at age 18. He then started his Bachelor's degree at the University of Mannheim, while also working as a model in the fashion industry. David has constantly been working on improving his skills in team communication, management and of course development skills. He works at the faculty of artificial intelligence as a research assistant and does not only conduct research but also helps to develop applications both in the backend and the frontend. fashire's whole team is dedicating a lot of effort and time on accomplishing their goals with a healthy level of motivation and discipline.


                thomas             david


Business Development

After founding the company, fashire's team had to reiterate its product and concept again and again in order to optimize its functionality. The team is now ready to launch a stable alpha version and is heading towards funding and support to take its first steps into the market. Major challenges while developing its product were finding the right people to work with. The three founders tackled this problem by approaching and carefully interviewing people they found appropriate for the job. Further, the team naturally had to overcome basic Startup challenges like doubts or lack of motivation. They were able to conquer these because of the strong cohesion within their founding team and a shared vision. fashire hopes that it will get the required support to make its innovative and great idea become part of everyone's daily life.

We wish them lots of success at the upcoming Dublin Web Summit and are looking forward to the upcoming rollout!

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  • Europäische Union
  • Baden-Württemberg - Ministerium für Finanzen und Wirtschaft
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