On October, 12th Kurpfalz Business Briefing (ku.bus) embarks upon a special bus ride taking along 50 corporate executives, entrepreneurs and founders on a journey through the Rhein-Neckar metropolitan area. As participants will spend an entire day on (and off) the road with each other, this event is a perfect opportunity to discuss technological trends and developments in the area, find common (business) ground and even seal concrete partnerships. The relaxed atmosphere of the ku.bus-Tour will certainly play its part in facilitating casual networking on the road. Besides, the top-class program also guarantees manifold learning opportunities off the road. Throughout the course of the day, the ku.bus-Tour will stop off at five different locations; at MVV AG in Mannheim, at e-mobility Start-Up Coboc in Heidelberg, at TSG Hoffenheim in Sinsheim, and at Weldebräu GmbH & Co. KG in Plankstadt. All stops will feature an inspiring talk and give ample input to discuss on the road. At the fifth stop, during lunch break, founders currently under the wing of the ‘Founders Institute’ at SRH Hochschule Heidelberg will pitch their business ideas to make for further inspiration. At the end of the tour, all participants will get together to reflect upon an exciting day in the Rhein-Neckar area and enjoy a well-deserved burger along a (couple of) pint(s) at the Gründerbar hosted by Freischwimmer in Ludwigshafen.

Interested executives and founders can still register for one of the few remaining seats on the bus via: https://www.businessbriefing.de/kubus-tour/

Also, check out our Facebook event for further information: https://www.facebook.com/events/1063336080464261



About Kurpfalz Business Briefing (ku.bus):

Kurpfalz Business Briefing (ku.bus) brings together established corporates from the Rhein-Neckar area with aspiring startups. Besides, the ku.bus team currently working from MAFINEX in Mannheim provides companies in the area with weekly news digests, top-notch founders’ stories and ad-hoc Social Media news alerts with information from the local business sector. It inspires local decision-makers with topical insights into latest developments and innovation topics at local, regional and global stage. ku.bus regularly portrays local founders, entrepreneurs and other persons of interest from the area. Besides, the team reports live from startup and innovation events. Throughout the past year, ku.bus has earned its reputation as a voice to be listened to in the Rhein-Neckar business landscape.


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