Growing the business @Studybees

Growing the business @Studybees

As part of the MAN 633 Inside the Venture (Track 1) course in Fall 2018,  Yarui Guo and Jorge Villalobos supported Studybees, an education startup, in determining their launch plans and their customer acquisition process. The project supported Studybees throughout one semester with analyses for launch plans across universities and cities along with strategies to implement them. This included market analyses and formulating strategies for customer acquisition, activation and retention. Further focus was set on brand building, usability of the website and pricing including recommendations on areas of improvement. 

Studybees GmbH is a Mannheim-based startup founded in 2014 by Julia Hetzel, Alexandra Slabskaia, Fabian Klein and Johannes Saal. Co-founders Julia Hetzel and Alexandra Slabskaia are University of Mannheim alumna. They received consulting from MCEI and have also been Startup of the Month. Their aim is to provide high quality crash courses to help students with their exam preparation (offline and online).

To know more about Studybees, visit their website:

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