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Student Initiatives

Student Initiatives

Here you can find all the information about student initiatives associated with MCEI. Please note that all contents are properties of and are edited by the respective student initiative

On the verge of spring term 2015, INTEGRA is looking for new ambitious members willing to support the team and their clients. Are you interested in gaining experience through consulting projects with real clients? Are you looking for a challenge that allows you to use your knowledge from university in a real business environment?

INTEGRA is constantly looking for extraordinary and proactive personalities from all fields of study who have strong analytical skills and are innovative. Founded in 1990, INTEGRA is the student consultancy at the University of Mannheim and may look back on a staggering number of over 200 consulting projects. In order to bring a breath of fresh air into their clients' businesses they provide dedicated highly client-oriented project teams that deliver the latest research findings directly from the auditorium into the business. With preparatory training and workshops with well-respected partners you will be prepared to succeed in internal and external projects. Please note that fluency in German is cumpulsory for all applicants.

INTEGRA represents excellence, passion and originality. Do you want to be a part of all that? Visit INTEGRA ́s homepage for more information or simply join the information meeting.

Information meeting

Tue. February 17 – O 142 – 7 pm


The Enactus World Cup is over! From October 22 to 24, 5000 Enactus members from all over the world met at Bejing to pitch their projects in front of a grand jury.

The nation of Germany was represented by the Enactus Mannheim team, which had won the National Cup in September. They won the preliminary round against Tadzhikistan and the Ukraine, but bowed out in the semifinal round against Puerto Rico. The world cup was won by China with a solar project, second place was secured by the Morroccan team with an innovative solution for the purification of water.

However, the three projects which were pitched by the Mannheim team are quite amazing anyway!

Intercreative is taking care of asylum seekers who have no work permit in Germany. Together with them, the team created a cookbook with foreign recipes ("Intercreative-Die Welt kocht im Quadrat" can now be bought at the university of Mannheim). This brought public attention to the conditions of asylum seekers and allowed the funding of some language and application courses for them.

Sunté is a project set in the rural regions of Togo. Local hospitals are being equipped with solar cells to give them a better power supply. Furthermore, visitor will be able to charge their cellphones in charging stations. This feature is meant to convince more people to enter a hospital, because many Togolese people distrust and avoid western medicine.

Finally, Autipreneur is a project that will help autistic people to realize their business ideas and market their products. To do that, they found companies which are solely led by autists! The project was created in cooperation with Auticare e.V. and has  already brought forth a first product: "Sonarglove" is a glove that works like an acoustic parking distance control system and allows blind people to find their way more easily inside of buildings.

Creating start-ups at an early age is increasingly becoming a trend. More and more young people see founding a venture as a way to self-fulfillment and a free life. One of them has now written a book which is meant to smooth the way for all others: Thorsten Reiter, Mannheim Alumni, former chairman of Enactus and entrepreneur since the age of 16. His book "Start-up jetzt!" is a guide that covers the most important aspects of founding a company like developing a business model, building a team and creating effective marketing campaigns.

ABSOLVENTUM Mannheim and VaPassion e.V. proudly invite you to a presentation of the book by the author at the University of Mannheim. Don't miss this great chance to hear an exciting talk by Thorsten, who is also working as a professional keynote speaker! Furthermore, Dr. Michael Geisser, founder and CEO of the start-up ubivent, will share his experiences.

When? Thursday, November 13 2014, 7 pm

Where? Room M003, University of Mannheim

All around the world, members of Enactus are using their skills and knowledge to conduct social and ecological projects. Their goal is to create sustainable advantages for socially disadvantaged people via entrepreneurial activities.

At the international project competition of the organization, teams from all regions of the world are presenting their work and competing against each other. This year, the event will take place from October 22 to October 24 at Beijing. As winners of the national cup, the Enactus Mannheim team will be representing Germany at this exciting contest!

Enactus Mannheim is one of 41 Enactus teams at German Universities. Right now, they are conducting 9 different projects. At the project "Fluchthelfer", inmates of a prison at Bruchsal are recycling broken bycicles to make them sellable again. This work gives the inmates a challenging acitvity during their imprisonment and thereby increases their chance of social rehabilitation. Another project example is "Autipreneur", an experiment to found a company with autistic people. It is meant to fight the high umemployment rate among autists, who often struggle to find jobs though they are notably gifted. The reason is that they have special requirements at their workplace, which will be met at the "Autipreneur" company.

You would like to join Enactus? Take a look at


Creating a better world via Entrepreneurship - the students of Enactus want to use the knowledge from their courses to help socially disadvantaged citizens. In cooperation with social partners like the Caritas, they develop project ideas that will help people in a sustainable manner. Right now, they have 60 active members in 7 projects that strive to improve the quality of life for groups like prison inmates, autists or asylum seekers.

At the beginning of each new semester, they are recruiting new members! Take this chance to become active and meet them at their kickoff!


When? September 3th, 7pm

Where? East Wing of Schloss Mannheim, room SN 163.


To learn more about their events, projects and partners, please visit!

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