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Founder Talks

Founder Talks

You want to learn more about what it means to become an entrepreneur or have ideas to start your own business? Then join the MCEI Founder Talk and learn from distinguished entrepreneurs about their entrepreneurial journey.

The MCEI regularly invites well-known entrepreneurs to talk about their personal experiences and relevant topics every potential entrepreneur has to deal with. You can get inspired, learn from their mistakes, and celebrate their successes. The entrepreneurs, often University of Mannheim alumni, will be more than willing to answer your questions and usually discuss individual questions after their talks while enjoying some drinks. Founder Talks are ideal to broaden your network, to gain access to investors in general or angel rounds in particular and grant you the opportunity to get in touch with exciting job opportunities in innovative companies.



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Event Registration Online for Public Pitch Presentation: Meet the latest student Startups from MAN 631 powered by Eventbrite Are you eager to learn about entrepreneurship at the university, but would prefer some learning by doing to just hitting the theory books? For all students who are longing for such an experience, we created the master degree course "MAN 631: Creativity…
Event management for Founder Talk with travelcircus: "Bootstrapping a multimillion Euro Startup in just 8 Months" powered by Eventbrite Are you up for some fast-paced company building? travelcircus will tell you how to do it without giving your valuable shares away to investors! travelcircus is a Berlin-based start-up that is offering high-class hotel stays combined with events at reduced rates.…
It's finally done - now you can watch the amazing interview with Uwe Horstmann which was recorded just before the great Project A Ventures Founder Talk. Thanks to Uwe for sharing his insights on how to become an entrepreneur and to famefabrik.
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